How to get

How to get

Below you will find information how to get to

Kudowa – Zdrój.


By bus


Using this link, you can find all bus connections from Wroclaw to Kudowa – Zdrój.

Trip duration: 2,5 – 3 h

Ticket price: 25 – 30 PLN

To find bus connections from Prague, Krakow or other bigger city, please use this link.


By train

You can also choose train for trip from Wroclaw to Kudow – Zdrój. To find best departure time, please use this link.

Trip duration: 2,45 h

Ticket price: 25 – 30 PLN



By Car

Using Google Maps, you’ll be able to calculate own route from any city to Kudowa – Zdrój.


Wroclaw – Kudowa – Zdrój: ~125 km

Warsaw – Kudowa – Zdrój: ~477 km

Krakow- Kudowa – Zdrój : ~325 km

Prague – Kudowa Zdrój: ~160 km

Brno – Kudowa Zdrój: ~165 km


Flight connections

There is no possibility to flight to Kudowa – Zdrój, but you can choose one of below airports:

  • Wroclaw Airport (WRO) – 125 km
  • Krakow Airport (KRK) – 325 km
  • Prague Airport (PRG) – 160 km

and then use bus, train or car to reach Kudowa – Zdrój.


You can also find information about connections here: